RM Meota No. 468, RM Meota

Rural North
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Land for sale in the RM of Meota, NE 26-46-17 W3rd currently has 60 cultivated acres, good quality and productive farmland. The balance of the quarter is hay land but has potential for approximately 60 more acres to be broke and farmed as cropland. SE 34-46-17 W3rd, this parcel is currently all hay land but has approximately 45 acres that could be broke and farmed as cropland. This land is sold as a parcel, is priced to sell and has potential of approximately 165 acres of cropland. Metal granary located on SE 34-46-17 W3rd will be removed prior to possession as not owned by seller. Possession date to be Nov.1/17.

RM Meota No. 468
RM Meota, SK S0M 1X0